Here are some reviews of Body Helix Compression Sleeves, Wraps and Supports from customers who have been using our products.


Dr. Bert Fields

We see numerous patients who, from the first time we gave them {Body Helix compression}, said, ‘I won’t go back to my sport unless I have that on.’

Brian Cheney

Fits perfectly. The compression is exactly what I need for the support for my knee. It’s a great product.


I can’t say enough about what this has done to allow me to continue to do all of the things that I love to do.


It’s really helped me continue to play during my minor injury.


 I’ve been using them for a year and a half, two years, and they’re still working great. With these, I don’t have the pain.


I put this {Body Helix} on today … and my arm feels better than it ever has before.

Dr. Bert Fields

I walk five to ten thousand steps in the office some days and it just makes my knee feel a lot better.


I play like a beast when I have this thing on!

Stephanie Miller and KK Vines

All I know is that I couldn’t do this without Body Helix.

Brad Welch

Without Body Helix, I would be in more pain than I am right now. It’s working for me.

Brent and Mai Abel

Without Body Helix, we would have lost this year’s husband/wife National Championships.

David Huff

It keeps my shoulder really warm, really tight and no pain.

Craig Bouchard

I will not play without this Body Helix Thigh wrap.

Wessley Cash

It just feels like I am stronger with them than without them.

Chris Groer

Following an Achilles rupture 3 years ago, I use my Calf Helix to help my right calf every time I play tennis, run, or bike.

Mitzi Mitchell

Your Product is AMAZING. I am 43 years old and have no cartilage left in either knee. I also suffer from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, however it is my passion to be fit and stay active. I COULD NOT make it through the day without wearing your Full Knee Helix braces. I wear them everyday from sun up to sun down.

Brett Greiner

Body Helix gives me the ability to work out with maximum effort without worrying about stress and pain on my knees! I will be using Body Helix at all times to help progress my professional career in the sport of beach volleyball!


I do not have any pain and use your products for support. I only use them when I play soccer and I have been pain free ever since I started using the Thigh and Ankle products. Previous to that it would take me two to three days to recover after a match. Your products are fantastic and I recommend them to all my friends here in Canada.

Sofia Wiley

We received the new Elbow sleeve and it is perfect… I am so impressed with your company. I don’t think I have ever had such great customer service—timely, friendly, helpful and very professional. You have great products, but you also run a great company with great people.
Thank you!

David Britt

I re-pulled my hamstring two weeks ago and was devastated. I had just come back from pulling it over the winter. I iced it right away and then happened to see a Body Helix thigh wrap at my club. I bought it and started wearing it immediately. Here I am two weeks later and I’m already playing again! Not an ounce of pain. Body Helix is working big time!

Paula Davis

I have tried 5 different brands of knee braces and was not happy with any of them until Body Helix. I do power yoga and jog/run and they stay on me and provide wonderful support without being bulky. Easy to wash and dry and odors do not stay in the knee brace.


l love your Full Calf Helix, so much so that I bought a second pair and I also bought a pair for a friend. I have been injury free since I began using the product.

Elaine Joyce

I have received my new knee brace and it’s awesome. Thank you so much, they work so well and are keeping me running. That’s amazing customer service. Thanks again!

Beth Markum, soccer player

I slept in my new Back Helix last night, and it’s the first night I’ve slept through in months! It stayed in place, it wasn’t too hot, it was fabulous!