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Which is Better for Me: a Knee Brace or a Knee Compression Sleeve?

We receive many questions which knee support or knee compression sleeve is the best choice from the various types that are available. There are several types of knee braces that provide stability, support, and pain relief. We recommend that you discuss with your doctor or Physiotherapist which type would offer you the most benefit. In […]

The Importance Of Knee Compression Supports To Prevent A Running Injury

Body Helix Full Knee Compression Sleeve

The Importance Of Knee Compression Supports To Prevent A Running Injury Endurance athletes are no strangers to overuse injuries. These can include stress fractures and shin splints or other injuries that may involve the muscles of the hip, thigh, and leg. Today, though, we want to focus our attention on the all-important knee and the […]

Customer Service Review

Customer Review of Body Helix Support Here is a customer review that we thought we would share. In this case we had made a mistake and sent the wrong compression support to Norman Gordon.Mr. Gordon duly contacted us to let us know. The Body Helix Support team sent out the right compression sleeve right away. Although we […]

Patella Tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis refers to the body’s normal inflammatory response when excessive stretch or repetitive use, or both, damage tissues.  Patella tendonitis is also known as “Jumper’s Knee” since it is seen most commonly in sports involving jumping.

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