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Thigh Compression Wraps

Thigh Helix Compression Sleeve


How will a thigh compression sleeve aid in the prevention or management of a thigh injury?

While an obsolete hamstring support brace or traditional neoprene sleeve will slip down the thigh during strenuous activity, the sweat-activated fabric of a Body Helix compression wrap ensures our thigh wrap is always in position. Our thigh brace increases blood flow to the hamstring, quadriceps and groin muscles, supporting the healing process while providing support and protection to injured thigh muscles. The hamstring, thigh and groin muscles (and scar tissue from old injuries) become heated while wearing a thigh compression wrap, in turn relieving strain to the tendons, healing hamstring strains and hamstring sprains.

Will a thigh wrap be comfortable to wear while I exercise?

Yes, our thigh compression sleeves are designed with our super stretch material and are guaranteed not to slip. Those desiring to wear a leg compression garment under active wear while cycling, running, walking, or going for a hike will enjoy firm leg muscle support when wearing a Helix compression thigh wrap. Tennis or volleyball players will notice increased blood flow to leg muscles and fatigue can be delayed. As part of the RICE treatment method, effective compression treatment is achieved on strained quad and hamstring muscles when wearing a thigh brace like a Thigh Helix.

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