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Calf Compression Wraps

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Why are calf compression sleeves important?

A Calf Helix provides constant compression and support of the calf muscles. It is ideal for management of calf muscle pain and calf muscle strain. Choosing to wear a compression bandage similar to a Calf Helix will relieve calf pain, shin splints, and anterior leg pain. The Calf Helix can also be worn lower on the leg to provide protection and warmth to the Achilles tendon. Our calf compression sleeve allows a full range of motion while remaining anchored to the skin and firmly in place. In addition to our calf wraps we offer supports for the rest of the leg including: ankle wraps, knee sleeves and hamstring wraps.

So those bandages I’ve seen professional athletes wear around their lower legs are calf wraps?

Yes, athletes in every sport from track, soccer, tennis and more are wearing calf compression wraps for calf injury prevention, management of calf muscle strains, performance enhancement and muscle recovery. A calf strain is likely the most common cause of calf pain or pain at the back of the lower leg. The Full Calf Helix offers the most comfortable compression for calf muscle pain, will not absorb excess water, bacteria, or odors, and can be washed after every wear.

How do leg compression sleeves manage pain from shin splints and calf cramps?

Wearing Body Helix calf compression sleeves alleviates pain from shin splits and calf cramps by increasing muscle stability against the bone and promoting blood flow. Muscles are less likely to become fatigued when supported and oscillation is reduced. Leg compression sleeves can manage discomfort and prevent additional pain while providing gentle support.

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