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Back Compression Wrap and Brace

How can a back compression wrap relieve my back pain?

There are many causes of back pain and it is essential to seek medical evaluation for prolonged or severe back pain. When a back compression brace is advised by your doctor, the Adjustable Back Compression Helix is the best back support product available. Our back compression wrap allows uniform support to the paraspinal muscles, tendons and ligaments in the low back. Gentle support and comfortable compression frequently ease low back pain. For those suffering from associated muscle spasms due to arthritis, compression treatment may aid in reducing back pain. Back compression wraps can also be used to comfortably support injured abdominal muscles so that athletes can recover with less pain.

Why should I use a back compression wrap?

Back pain is a common nuisance experienced by men and women. If you suffer from discomfort or pain in your lower back from a muscular origin, you should will want to consider using a compression wrap. The Adjustable Back Helix is highly recommended for pain reduction due to its ability to keep your lower back muscles and tendons warm while providing gentle support to increase comfort.

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