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What is the benefit of compression with bicep or tricep injury?

Bicep compression sleeves support the muscles and tendons of the bicep and tricep.  Compression of the arm helps control muscle oscillation and swelling and increasing proprioception. The Arm Helix is different from a traditional bicep sleeve, arm bandage, arm wrap, or synthetic neoprene sleeve since compression is comfortable, the Helix stays in place and it does not absorb sweat and develop an unpleasant aroma.


When should I wear a bicep compression sleeve?

While recovering from injury, you will benefit with use of a compression sleeve when engaging in explosive or repetitive activities such as with training and competition.   These injuries are common with tennis, baseball, CrossFit, weight training and gymnastics and are found in recreational and professional athletes. Be sure to find comfortable compression.  As sports and medical professionals know, if it is not comfortable or impairs movement, you will not wear it.  Our Body-Form technology is the most comfortable medical grade compression available.

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